Early Start Programs

Early Start Programs

At Karalee Kindergarten and Early Years Learning we are committed to going above and beyond to support your child’s learning and development.

We are committed to support your child's learning through our inclusive programs

We Provide the Following Programs within our daily fee

Free Music lessons for all children enrolled in our service

With a highly qualified early music education specialist engaged at the centre all children are able to participate in music lessons on a weekly basis. Music has long been acknowledge through scientific study to promote and develop increased literacy and numeracy skills in young children, whilst also developing concentration and analytical skills and right and left brain connectivity.

Free Visual Art classes for all children enrolled in our service

Children engage in free weekly visual arts lessons with our qualified visual arts teacher. Our children engage in meaningful art experiences, building confidence, fine motor skills and creativity, whilst engaging in a play based and interactive environment. And as one of the 21st century skills of the future, creativity is at the centre of our visual art program.

Free Yoga and Meditation classes for all children enrolled in our service

With a professionally trained instructor, our baby and toddler yoga classes are highly valued in teaching our children how to reflect and relax in what we are all aware is a very fast past life. Our classes teach our children about the importance of breathing, understanding their body and in our bush setting allow our children to be at one with nature.

Free Steady Go Physical education classes for all children enrolled in our service

We also employ Ready, Steady Go – a physio designed, multi sport program that is delivered to our children on a weekly basis by trained professionals. Yet another way we are ensuring we cater to the minds and bodies of the children in our centre.