Welcome to Karalee Kindergarten and Early Years Learning

Early Learning Programs – catering for all children from 0-5 years

National Quality Framework – ensuring our children receive the highest level of care through regulation across all Quality Areas

Access to Xplor – your child’s online learning portfolio

Learning Programs –  based on the Early Years Learning Framework where children learn through interactive play

Kindergarten Program – Approved Kindergarten Program gives your child the best start

Extensive Outdoor Play Area – Natural landscaped gardens, creek beds, sandpits, forts, nature walks and bike paths

Specialised Programs included in our daily fee: Music, Yoga, Spanish & Multi Sport Programs

Healthy, nutritious meals, nappies and wipes provided

Nature Play Qld Approved Bush Kinder Program with our own bush kinder site accessed through our backyard & our extensive on site eco farm.

Complimentary hat, bush kinder shirt and sleeping bag provided on enrolment

Our Address 32-36 Arthur Summerville Road, Karalee QLD 4306 (Opposite Karalee Primary School)

Our contact details
Phone: (07) 3294 7200
Email:  Email Us

Our opening hours
6.30 am – 6.30 pm
52 weeks per year

Tours welcome please see our enrolments page

Believe in the magic of childhood

At Karalee Kindgergarten and Early Years Learning we believe the magic of childhood is for every child to explore in their own individual way.

We believe that each child is unique and we cater to children’s individuality through our innovative and nature inspired “learning by playing.” Our program provides individualised, personalised attention for each child in our service providing meaningful early learning experiences to children aged 0-5 years.


Your child’s early years are critical and we respect the great trust you place in our service. These years are the building blocks for happiness, a love of learning and playing and success in later life. This is when your child’s social, emotional and academic education begins.

Karalee Kindergarten and Early Years Learning will provide your child with thoughtful and meaningful learning experiences that will foster and create lifelong learners in your children.


In our space, kids hide and kids seek. Identities are invented and friendships and bonds are formed.

The environment we’ve created at Karalee Kindergarten and Early Years Learning ensures children connect with their environment and their imaginations run wild.

In short, we believe in the magic of childhood.

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Karalee Kindergarten and Early Years Learning

Karalee Kindergarten and Early Years Learning
32-36 Arthur Summervilles Rd
Karalee, QLD 4306
(Opposite Karalee State Primary School)


07 3294 7200